Fractured Vertebrae Overview

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What is a Fractured Vertebrae

A fractured vertebra occurs when one or more of your vertebra in the back crack or break; these vertebrae are just like any other bone in the body and can be damaged by injury, degenerative diseases, or illness. These breaks or cracks can occur anywhere on the spine and if the damage to these bones injures the spinal cord it could lead paralysis.

Fractured Vertebrae Causes

You don’t need a major injury, severe degeneration, or a serious illness to have one of the vertebrae in your back to become damaged in some way, although when they do occur as a result of any of these three it can be harder to treat.

Common causes for fractured vertebrae are:

Trauma or Injury
This is the most common cause for a broken bone in the spine. It could be from a car accident, a severe blow to the back, as a result of a sports injury, or even a fall down the stairs. There are unfortunately many ways to injury your back.

Certain types of cancer have been known to weaken the bones enough that they are more susceptible to injuries.

This is a condition that can cause the bones to become weak and brittle. This condition mostly affects women and they are twice as likely to develop this disease. With this condition even something as simple as bending over, walking, or lifting an object can cause the bones in your spine to break.

Fractured Vertebrae Symptoms

Most cracks or breaks of the vertebrae do not cause normal back pains, these symptoms will be more severe than a normal back ache.

  • Pain that can be severe, deep and persistent; it may be localized in one area of the spine or it may radiate into other areas of your body if there is any compression on the nerves or spinal cord.
  • A fracture in your spine can also change the alignment of your back, making it look more curved or hunched over.
  • You may be sore to the touch in the area that is injured.
  • You may also be experiencing stiffness as your spine can no longer move in a normal fashion.
  • If your fracture is very severe it can cause compression on the nerves and spinal cord as well as damage the spinal cord. If your spinal cord where to become injured in any way it could lead to paralysis or even death.

A fractured vertebra is a very serious condition and one that should be treated as soon as possible. If you think that you may have a fractured vertebrae as a result of an injury, accident, fall, osteoporosis, or as a result of a serious illness you should contact your doctor immediately.

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